Monday, November 29, 2004

The Carrying Thing........!!!

I dont like carrying things. This is one of the reasons i thank god for making me a male :) .

No, i dont have any intention of starting a gender war on my blog. This trait is pure personification of laziness thats inherent in me. I have utmost respect for those who do and sympathize with them.

No, you are wrong if you are thinking that i am talking about women. This carrying thingie happens to men also after marriage. And even sooner for them.

Before you get irritated, let me clarify things now. I am talking about this lunch carrier.

I have always hated carrying a lunch carrier. First and prominent reason being carrying itself. Also, i never liked food that was cooked and also mixed some 4,5 hours before.

As i have been staying away from parents right from my college days, i never had this problem of carrying a lunch carrier. It's a different issue that the food i get in office cafeterias is infinitely bad. I can write so many posts dedicated to that topic. So sure i
will, atleast one.

One of my colleagues got married a week back. He is back to office today, fresh after pampering at in-laws. I met him during the lunch. No surprise! he was happily eating out of his carrier, proudly flashing it and offering everyone to taste the food.

This made me think again. Will it happen to me also someday?

I sincerly hoped it won't. I prayed god that i never get forced by anyone to carry a lunch carrier.

Talking of food, I have been to the new(!) Mac at forum last week. A first time visit. Nothing great i felt. The burgers i use to eat at Universal Bakers in Hyderabad were lot better and bigger too. They use to give me potato chips also.

But i had a good time fighting with my friend there. Yes, gals look cute when they are thoroughly irritated and pretending anger :D

Also, i found a new Crush!!!!


Blogger surya said...

I think u wud be carrying a lunck *bottle* rather than a else cud u carry *Sambar* ????? ;-)))

29 November, 2004 03:19  
Blogger surya said...

I think u wud be carrying a lunck *bottle* rather than a else can u carry *Sambar* ????? ;-)))

29 November, 2004 03:19  
Blogger Anu said...


Beleive me carrying a tifin box is not at all bad... u eat and look healthier... n do tell abt the new crush


29 November, 2004 04:47  
Blogger S 'naani' J said...

Kinda disagree. Lunch boxes are more about sharing than the food itself. As the saying goes, "the key to a persons affection is through the mouth" breaking down barriers. That is why if your crush eventually becomes your gf, you have to take her out for grub ;-)

29 November, 2004 21:38  
Blogger surya said...

Srikant....I dont think whoever said abt that "affection through mouth" was referring to food...;-))

29 November, 2004 22:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with surya.. u wud be carrying lunch bottles cos i m sure u wud be married to a gal from ****** land.. i hope u knw wat i m referring to.. either she will be from that place or from china where u can find them in plenty :):)..

i also agree with u on mac.. nothing great..

30 November, 2004 03:26  
Blogger hari said...

Hi Sriram,

You seem all too confused man and let me warn you, this is the stage just before one either falls in love or gets married.

First you told female carry goods, then you told male also do so in tiffin carriers. Then you mentioned food in tiffin carriers are not good. Then you referred to your newly married friend bringing delicious food in carrier and sharing with you people.

And lastly the crush...... Enna paa, Unakku enna achu. If you are in love, and your gf does not know to cook, admit it, nobody is going make an issue of it.Why all this confusion in expression.

01 December, 2004 03:06  
Blogger Sriram said...

here i am forced to chip in...
- as a male i dont have to do certain carrying thing. thats wt i mentioned. if u got me....
-i never said the food in his carrier was delicious.
so, in no confusion. please read it again.

And i don hv any problem in admitting if my gf doesnt know how to cook....if only i hv one.. :(
afterall, gfs are supposed to be good at some other z a very low priority.... ;)

01 December, 2004 06:42  
Blogger shilpa said...

reading your post after a long time and as usual , u are upto no good...(just kidding)..


08 December, 2004 23:31  

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