Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Of Dieticians and Channa Masala Grills....!!!

Channa Masala Grill!!! Yes, thats what i ate for lunch today. It was pathetic. Made from those instant mix packets sold by MTR and in a very bad taste. I should stick to my regular plain cheese grill which can't be spoiled much who ever the cook is.

We have 3 caterars in our office cafeteria serving differnt menus. But most of the time i end up at this sandwich counter, picking up a plain cheese grill and a mousambi juice.

I always wondered why i never liked the food at office. I know i am a fussy eater. But no, its not pure fussiness. Its just not good.

Also, i am told food at cafetarias of some offices is really good. One of my friend gets yummy food at her office, that too for a nominal monthly charge. But who knows, will i like that food? But atleast, in my office most of the people agree that the food is bad. So, probably i am not an exception or odd case.

But i should accept the fact that i can't eat anything and everything. I have always been fussy and choosy when it came to food. I got pinched almost everyday during my childhood, at the dining table. My tastes were as scaringly strange as the dress sense of Bangalorean girls. My parents were very much worried whether it is some disease. But none of the doctors could explain it, forget about a cure. So i had to go through this pinching ritual everyday.

I regret, we were not aware of people like Benny Hinn at that time. But to think, even that would not have been any less painful. Imagine a 2 month practice of violent shake and sudden collapse. That too for a person like me with such commendable acting skills. Also, i wonder whether this fussiness is in the god's list of diseases. If its not there, then even after so much of painful practice i would not have been cured.

Given the fact that i dont like carrier food also, i couldnt see any other solution to my problem with cafetaria food other than my plain cheese grill. So, last year when there was a consulting dietician(Ms.Rosy) at my office, i approached her with great hope and motivation. After so many exciting exercises during which she measured, weighed and scaled my body, she concluded that i am underweight by 7kgs.

She convinced me that this is a very big problem and i have to act on it immediately. I explained her my problems with food and the inability to eat whatever i get at office. She smiled and patted on my back. I kinda felt cured already(i dont think even Benny Hinn could be that quick). She assured me she will help me come out of this underweight problem. That too without any pain. I was thrilled to know and started wondering what magic she will use.

She reached in to a box lying on her table and took out a tin. She told me that the tin contains a very nutritious powder that will help anyone come out of underweight problem. She asked me to drink it mixed with milk twice a day. She also assured me, it will taste yummy and i will just love it. Having experienced her power already, i didnt hesitate buying that.It costed me a cool 800 bucks, but that was the last thing i was thinking about at that moment. Afterall, instant effects dont come too cheap, thats what i thought.

So the next morning with so much of excitement and vigour, i unleashed the tin open, took out 2 spoonfuls of powder and mixed it in the milk. Saying cheers to myself, i gulped a big portion of it with a great hurry. OAK! thats the sound emanated from my throat immediatley and i ran in to the wash. During the next 15 minutes, i was relieved of all i ate during the previous 1 week. Pity, Ms.Rosy was not available to smile and pat.

I came back to my desk and looked at the tin. Somewhere on it i read, "for kids of 2-4 years of age"!!!

That day,i stayed late in the office and when everyone left, threw it out of a window, far from my desk. And i never ventured to visit a consulting dietician again.

PS: After this incident, somehow i could eat most of the things i couldnt eat before. And this helped me and i am almost correct weight now. Thanks to Ms. Rosy... :)


Blogger surya said...

you drank it with "milk"????
wowww....Ms Rosy made you drink milk....hats off to her..
didnt she tell you that you need to drink milk to be healthy....;))

02 February, 2005 20:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms Rosy??? how come i always thought her name was something else ;)... i know she had this motherly affection for you.. so you must have been cured by that "pat on your back"... no wonder she also gave "for kids btw 2 and 4".. btw did u look that small then?? :):)

02 February, 2005 22:10  
Blogger surya said...

why I do think this (^) Anonymous is someone I know who doesnt want to reveal his/her id here.....????...i m crazy.... ;)

03 February, 2005 00:33  
Blogger reNUka said...

Thanks for visiting!!! That was a nice post; though i pity or should i say envy (;-)for being underweight)ur position!!

03 February, 2005 01:22  
Blogger shilpa said...

milk n milk powders..reminds me of my school too had simmilar pinching probs..but off late, dunno wht's wrong with my body constitution..i keep hogging at things like a glutton..just day before yesterday,an irrestible hunger took over me n i gobbled 2 rotis, 2 dosas, 1 juice for breakfast at 9 in the morn. n then at 11, had a bread omelette with 2 cups of tea..then at 12:30, had a complete meal at the coll. canteen, at 3 in the afternoon, had an icecream,at 4:45 had grilled 7 had my dinner and at 9 had fruits and then got up at 1:30 in the night and started wailing again.."mummy, bhook lagi hain.." too gud for hunger, dont ya think?

05 February, 2005 04:56  

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