Thursday, April 21, 2005

Time To Celebrate!!!

God!!! I am so tied up with trivialities these days, that i didnt even notice the fact that the blog counter crossed the 5K mark! clap, clap. Better late than never. So when i saw it, i thought i must celebrate this.

But being a guy and a tee-totaller leaves one with very few options. So i have decided to celebrate by gifting myself something thats really cool! These are one of those few moments that make me happy for being single. And i look at those 'committed' guys with sympathy!!!For them, Whatever the occassion may be, its the girl who should get the gift. It will be generally like this:

guy: Honey! how do you like a diamond studded watch for this valentine's.
gal: Think something else Dear! That suits better as a gift on your birthday...
guy: $$$$!!!

Ha!thinking of one proper gift for a gal itself is a mammoth task for a guy. And what for alternatives!!! I know guys who, out of sheer lack of mental prowess, gave gifts like puncher-repair kits and lawn-mowers to girlfriends. I should say, the art of selecting a gift for a girl is as much complicated as freudian-psychology and as much tough to crack as human DNA code! So i will write a post dedicated to this sometime!

Coming to my current scenario, Imagine how it would have been if i have a girlfriend and express her my desire to celebrate with a cool gift to myself!

Me: Sweetheart! i wanna celebrate this and gift my self something really cool!
GF: Whats that you wanna buy?
Me: May be the latest Samsung D500. Its a really cool camera mobile to flaunt.
GF: Duffer! these camera mobiles dont work properly either as a camera or a mobile. Why do you wanna waste your money?
Me: Then you suggest something.
GF: Why dont you buy me those new model diamond ear-rings that we saw last time at the Jewellers.
Me: But when i wanted to buy them last time, you said you already have 365 pairs of ear-rings and dont want any more of them.
GF: Oh! i forgot about the leap-year then.
Me: WHAT!!!!!!

No, i dont have to take such shocks. I can peacefully go into a gadget shop, pickup the coolest one and swipe my card.

And i thank from bottom of my heart, all you readers who gave me this opportunity to celebrate and hope you continue to give me such opportunities. I also want to thank Mallika Sherawath, Neha Dhupia, Konkona Sen, Thrisha Krishnan, Valentino rossi's girlfriend and all those celebrity babes who also have been key contributers to this. And a big thanks to Google for making these people help me in getting the counter ticking!

I am not sure whether to be happy or not, but these are some of the google searches that are pointing to my blog:

- Hot Mallika Sherawath
- Thrisha Krishnan in shower (oops!)
- Neha Dhupia vital Statistics (?!!)
- Konkona Sen height and weight
- Hot Mallu Babes (this one mostly from Gelf!!!)
- Valentino Rossi's girlfriend kissing (!!!)

Thats about it peoples, and i have decided to be a little more careful in using celebrity names in my posts. Imagine the state of a guy whose desperate for some motivation, if he lands up on my blog hoping to find some thing useful. Atleast, i can understand and empathize. If you dont see why, then you are not a guy and single!!!


Blogger hari said...

Hi Sriram,

Congrats on completing 5K. Anyway you want to buy the mobile with a cam, just go ahead and buy it man, why do u want to give so much reasons for that. Keep all these reasonings for your wife after marriage, or are you preparing yourself for that.

By the way I heard you saying, there are only few moments when you are happy being single.... does it mean that most of time you are sad about it. Please change your mood, because even after getting one soon you may require to be sad as leap year is fast approaching.

24 April, 2005 09:10  
Blogger Vani Viswanathan said...

great exaggeration, eh?
there's another side for every story too! ;)
you could buy whatever you want as long as you can convince ur "gf" you need it. if she doesn't think you are convincing enough, maybe its time to rethink what to buy! :)

26 April, 2005 20:50  
Anonymous J said...

That rocked.

One advice: Next time u go shopping, look for a 'i'm-not-looking-for-anyting-materialistic" kinda gfs. Yeah, they exist :-D

27 April, 2005 23:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.. nice one.. :-)

bt seriously i think its easy to shop for gals.. i think its diff to shop for guys..

28 April, 2005 00:27  
Blogger Shyam said...

Nice and interesting blogs Sriram...keep up the good work.

15 May, 2005 19:04  
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