Monday, August 23, 2004

A Kannada Wedding....

I happened to attend a wedding reception this weekend. It was only that, i dont know both bride and groom. Infact, i dont know any one in that wedding hall. It was my cousin's neighbour's daughter who was getting married!!!

We were all roaming out in 4th block and suddenly he got reminded of it. The wedding hall was nearby and he took all of us there. I was not at all interested. A wedding hall is the last place i would like to go on a weekend. But i was convinced saying it will be only a 5 min visit for formality sake and we will go shopping from there immediately.

So finally we entered the hall. Every one seated and waiting for the couple to come on to the dais. We also got seated. I smugly settled in and started looking around for some motivation. No use. Bangalore girls dont spend their weekends attending marriages!!! It was only good old grannys representing their families. Alas! even the bride was still in the makeup room.

With no one to look at and nothing to do, I started cribbing my cousins for getting me there. But they got a gift to give and we have to wait for the bride to come out. And my cousin was very tensed about this. They have already got a gift and I couldnt understand his tension about giving the gift. I have never attended any wedding in bangalore and little do i know about the complexities involved in this process!!!

God has finally bestowed his choicest blessings on me, and the couple came out on to the dais. Then the videographer took control. An aspiring movie director he was, he made them turn, twsit and pose in all possible angles to quench his directorial thirst.

Bingo!!! it was gifts time. Before i could realise what was happening, a big que was formed. Every one was in a hurry to give the gift they got so that they can go to the dining hall and push out from there. People started pushing each other and it was soon a big mess. To go in that crowd and handover the gift was a mammoth task indeed!!! Now i understood why my cousin was so tensed.

My cousin regretted not knowing the dirction of dining hall. The que always starts from the opposite side of dining hall it seems. So that people can proceed to the dining hall after handing over the gift. We were sitting on the wrong side and the que grew quite big before we realised. But some how my bhabhi managed to slip in the middle and she came out succesfully earlier than we all expected. We all thanked her for that and proceeded to the dining hall. .

The dinner was good and i enjoyed the ice-cream. We were all given a coconut each while coming out!!! I wanted to bang my head with it for wasting such a precious evening...but restrained from it in the best interest of both me and the just married couple!!!