Monday, July 11, 2005


Yes, its ages ago that i wrote. And No, its not emotional constipation. I just didnt had the time. I mean, the time to think and more importantly, the time to emote. Weeks never ended and the days were hectic. To be brief, i was hardly a human.

And to add to my woes, i was made to watch couple of Bollywood craps during this time. No, i dont even want to quote the names. I only pity those producers who put their money in the hands of such brainless directors. I wonder which age are they living in! The average indian male is no more sex-starved and he doesnt have to endure a 3 hour torture for his vicarious pleasures. An attrociously dressed Rani Mukherjee is the last thing that attracts him to a movie. The earlier these directors realise this, the better for them. Its ok if they dont want to put some clothes on the heroine, but they should consider putting in some coherent story in their movies.

And these directors achieved something i never thought would happen. Yes, i am saying this! Madam Rekha! Enough, Please retire. My admirations for her were so high, i attempted to watch even that dreadful movie. And it was hard for me to digest
the fact that i couldnt bear Rekha on screen. Yet again, one more reminder that we are all mortals and no one is a nirjara!

I wonder what caused this drying up of creative juices in bollywood. These days, they either just mimic the hollywood(in a bad taste) or re-make a movie thats already made couple of times. And these remakes, based on some out of the place novels, only succeed in defaming the authors. These guys rather make movies out of Mills & Boon novels and i think they can do a better job.

Enough bashing. In retrospect, i have no one but me to blame for this suffering. I have learnt my lessons now and will be more careful in attempting to watch a movie, that too in these badly-maintained and over-priced bangalorean theatres. I rather watch a golf match on TV and be more entertained!