Thursday, December 09, 2004

Of hot things and male laps....!!!!

My "well-wishing" cousin sent me this link today and advised me to be careful.

I kinda got alarmed!!! But hey, i always use a docking station and an ergo stand. So that shouldn't be a problem. But here onwards i should resist my self from lapping up my T40, even occasionally.

This makes me think of the possible plight of Companies in US who make their employees use laptops. If these results are proven, then all those companies have to pay millions of dollars as a settlement to many employees who will be more than ready to sue them!!!

Talking of laptops, IBM has sold it's PC business to some Chinese company. So thinkpads will not be branded as IBM anymore. Thats kind of strange feeling.

Apart from this, i recently discovered how inconvenient it is riding without a helmet. Not only from the elements, it also shields and protects you from distractions caused by the strap flashing low-raise clad bangalorean gals, pillion riding on fellow vehicles!!!