Thursday, April 21, 2005

Time To Celebrate!!!

God!!! I am so tied up with trivialities these days, that i didnt even notice the fact that the blog counter crossed the 5K mark! clap, clap. Better late than never. So when i saw it, i thought i must celebrate this.

But being a guy and a tee-totaller leaves one with very few options. So i have decided to celebrate by gifting myself something thats really cool! These are one of those few moments that make me happy for being single. And i look at those 'committed' guys with sympathy!!!For them, Whatever the occassion may be, its the girl who should get the gift. It will be generally like this:

guy: Honey! how do you like a diamond studded watch for this valentine's.
gal: Think something else Dear! That suits better as a gift on your birthday...
guy: $$$$!!!

Ha!thinking of one proper gift for a gal itself is a mammoth task for a guy. And what for alternatives!!! I know guys who, out of sheer lack of mental prowess, gave gifts like puncher-repair kits and lawn-mowers to girlfriends. I should say, the art of selecting a gift for a girl is as much complicated as freudian-psychology and as much tough to crack as human DNA code! So i will write a post dedicated to this sometime!

Coming to my current scenario, Imagine how it would have been if i have a girlfriend and express her my desire to celebrate with a cool gift to myself!

Me: Sweetheart! i wanna celebrate this and gift my self something really cool!
GF: Whats that you wanna buy?
Me: May be the latest Samsung D500. Its a really cool camera mobile to flaunt.
GF: Duffer! these camera mobiles dont work properly either as a camera or a mobile. Why do you wanna waste your money?
Me: Then you suggest something.
GF: Why dont you buy me those new model diamond ear-rings that we saw last time at the Jewellers.
Me: But when i wanted to buy them last time, you said you already have 365 pairs of ear-rings and dont want any more of them.
GF: Oh! i forgot about the leap-year then.
Me: WHAT!!!!!!

No, i dont have to take such shocks. I can peacefully go into a gadget shop, pickup the coolest one and swipe my card.

And i thank from bottom of my heart, all you readers who gave me this opportunity to celebrate and hope you continue to give me such opportunities. I also want to thank Mallika Sherawath, Neha Dhupia, Konkona Sen, Thrisha Krishnan, Valentino rossi's girlfriend and all those celebrity babes who also have been key contributers to this. And a big thanks to Google for making these people help me in getting the counter ticking!

I am not sure whether to be happy or not, but these are some of the google searches that are pointing to my blog:

- Hot Mallika Sherawath
- Thrisha Krishnan in shower (oops!)
- Neha Dhupia vital Statistics (?!!)
- Konkona Sen height and weight
- Hot Mallu Babes (this one mostly from Gelf!!!)
- Valentino Rossi's girlfriend kissing (!!!)

Thats about it peoples, and i have decided to be a little more careful in using celebrity names in my posts. Imagine the state of a guy whose desperate for some motivation, if he lands up on my blog hoping to find some thing useful. Atleast, i can understand and empathize. If you dont see why, then you are not a guy and single!!!