Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Stopping By Lounge On A Rainy Evening!!!

No...!!! This is no parady of Robert Frost. In my current state of mind, thats the last thing i can do. My head was terribly aching and i wanted to go home early. So packed my stuff and rushed down the stairs to reach my bike. Bang!!! i had to stop at the entrance as it is raining heavily right now in this part of Bangalore.

So here i am, waiting in my office lounge, infront of my lapy, posting this through office WLAN!!! First wireless post on my blog. Dammit. Pity Wi-Fi cant take me home through infrared rays above the clouds!!!

Bangalore is a strange city. You never know when it will rain and where it will rain!!! At one place it would be as dry as a cotton farm in Andhra Pradesh and few yards from there it would be poring down like anything. All the lesser mortals like me who travel on a two-wheeler in this city know it very well.

Infact, i love rains. Ofcourse, only when i am at home. Smugly ensconsed under wraps on a bed near a window, and with a plate of hot pakodas in my hand. Mirchi Bajji will do equally well!!!

But here in bangalore, they have become a pain in an unmentionable part of the body. What with this traffic and roads full of potholes!!! The slush is nauseating. Yes Mr. Premji, i am ready to pay double the amount of professional tax if you can really do something about these roads. Afterall, the peace of mind i will get will be definitely worthier!!!

Ufff! The rain shows no signs of recess but the battery is getting discharged. So people, lemme publish this before i lose it. As it is, i run Microsoft XP on this machine.....!!!