Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Idol Mania...!!!

Tension!!! thats what prevails in our flat now. My roomies are all anxiety personified. Words can't describe the emotional turmoil these people are going through and the pain they are experiencing mentally and physically.

Me: Chalo Yaar! Khana kha lethe hain...
My Roomie: You go ahead, i can't eat now. My fingers are crossed...
I look at his fingers. They are all really crossed and piled one on the other!

No, none of them are awaiting Chartered Accountancy exam results or any thing like that (Talking of the CA exam, i am reminded of the following joke. Written on one of the walls in Hyderabad: "Jesus Neve Fails!". Some one wrote next to it, "Ask him to go take CA exam!").

And before you wonder too much, let me clarify. It's the Indian Idol mania thats shaking my flat so much. With the final episode telecasted, now my roomies are too tensed to know who will become Indian Idol. And they have to wait one whole week to know that. I only pray to god to keep them alive till next saturday so that they can uncross their fingers and eat something.

And they are not alone. I have many friends and colleagues who are taken by this mania. But thats the power media has. Its just another example of how mass media can influence people just by creating hype about something. Singing contests are nothing new on TV channels. And the credit should go to ZEE for Sa Re Ga Ma which i say is one of the best programs ever conceived on indian channels. And to say, the quality of singers and music is far better than in any of these over-hyped programs. But who cares! As long as mobile service providers churn money from those frenzied SMS senders, they wouldn't mind sponsoring many more such programs. And Yeah, not only Shilpa Shetty and Susmita Sen, we will also get to see Mallika Sherawath and Neha Dhupia offering their expert opinions on music in future!!!