Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Any One For Synchronized Swimming!!!

The Olympics are over. With only one silver in hand (salute to the Major), the over managed and under-performing Indian squad is back home. I was glad kabaddi was not included in olympics. We would sure have surrendered to some one like Ethiopia in that also...!!!

India earned the highest
rank possible by total on par with Eritria, Mangolia and Columbia. Absolutely no intention of belittling any of these countries. Readers may appreciate the fact that population of these countries is far lesser than the number of software engineers in Bangalore and people in those countries are not even fed properly.

I was especially disappointed at the performances of our women lifters. I had high hopes on them and the manner in which they bowed out was humiliating. Even the passionate pair of hesh-paes couldnt get us a medal.

In the end it was Anju Bobby George, who raised some hopes of getting us above Serbia/Monteneg in the medal list. But Alas! those Tatyanas from Russia were too much for her. I really felt for Anju....(though my heart went for those Russian sirens!!!excuse me, being honest here). The pressure was too much on her. Imagine being only the second indvidual to reach an olympic final from a country with a 1 billion population. That too in more than 50 years...!!! She gave her best though. Kudos to her!!!

Enough cribbing you may say. And some of you may even ask what am i doing as a responsible indian citizen apart from this bashing. Hold on. I have my plans ready. This
Synchronized Swimming event really caught my attention (now you people dont start finding wrong motives!!!). I was so inspired that, last weekend when i went for swimming with my cousins, i literally tried doing a "seershasan" in water and couple of high dives. It was only that the pool was not deep enough and i hurt my knee badly and narrowly escaped a head injury.

Nevermind people, i am committed to bringing home both the golds in this event of next olympics. But here is the only hitch. This event is only for women. But thats not a problem. Having learnt enough tricks, i can coach them now. So all i need is a group of young, slim and beautiful unmarried women who can volunteer to get coached by me. Ofcourse, in the sheer interest of National Pride!!! And the Olympic gold medal.

So young ladies, please commit yourself to the nation's pride and start posting your Name, Age and Email address in my comments section!!! Soon you will be contacted for a scanned latest color photograph.....!!!