Friday, December 31, 2004

What An Year.....!!!

Yes, what an year!!! Even Asian Paints doesnt have so many shades in it's store. such a variegated and unique year, i felt. Ofcourse, thats how all of us feel every december. But i think this year is more unique in its own way. You may ask why! cuz, its december and thats how i feel every december.... :)

But a fabulous year indeed! You couldn't have asked for more entertainment and variety. Britney Spears married twice and Janet Jackson in an attempt to pay tribute to Archimedes(world's first recognised streaker!) spiced up the superbowl. Also, US of A successfully elected it's president with out any controversies!!! Heard special classes were conducted this time for florida voters on how to cast their vote with out confusing the counting machine.

Closer home, India has got it's first sardar prime minister! With a scientist as the president and an economist as prime minister, i am excited where are we destined to! But Chandrababu Naidu was defeated in AP, crashing my dreams of watching Michael Schumacher live, performing at hyderabad!

George Bush finally emerged victorious, catching saddam hussain live!!! But he seems a bit irritated on not being able to find any weapons of mass destruction(WMD) to take home as momentos! Also bothering him was the news that, Osama is still around and started calling bush as a WMD!!!

Also, its been technologically a superb year. Even teenage kids started using camera phones and making films!!! Also, the internet has penetrated deep into all villages of our country. This is confirmed by the announcement of that oflate, most no. of hits to their website are coming from 'pentapaadu', a village in coastal andhra pradesh!!! Also, thanks to this technology, we now know that Thrisha Krishnan always uses a bathtub and never gets under a shower!!!

And its been a significant year on sports front! The Olympics were held and India finally managed to top the medal list, only that its from the bottom. Major. Rathod did a wrong thing by earning that bronze. That way, india wouldn't hv been visible at all in the list. And it would be easy to convince people that due to lack of funds, this time we sent only a bunch of officials and their relatives and no sportspersons, so we dint actually participate in any event!

How can i forget the greatest display of sportsmanship displayed by our cricket team! Inorder to popularise the cricket and to give test status to as many countries as possible, it started losing out to teams like bangladesh also. I am told in 2005 it is planning to improve the record and ratings of Holland and kenya! Well, all the best saurav and co! You can easily blame it on lack of 'external' support and media can write about "can sachin still win matches!!!" Who cares for the fact that our great bowlers couldnt take all 10 wickets, even against bangladesh!

But i was happy to see Arsenal lifting EPL and Schumi's great flow on F1! Hope to see more quality stuff from them in the coming year.

Coming to Bollywood, shahrukh khan finally stopped dying in his movies!!! And salman the barer Khan spared many of the pavement dwellers and didn't create any news! Mallika Sherawath crated news by making jackie chan use a dupe, the actor supposedly said that she was too hot and he couldn't 'handle'! Inspired by Madonna & Britney spears act, kareena attempted a similar thing with some one whom some people say is a guy! But i still maintain that its 2 gals out there in those snaps! Also, Munnabhai MBBS entered record books as a film thats re-made in to maximum no.of languages, and heard, now they are planning to make this in some of those languages which don't even have a script.

Closer home, our gult heroes have started getting inspired from their bollywood counterparts and started showing heroism in real life!!!! I am amazed to know that they can use those guns with splendid ease in real life also!

On a personal front, i have some accomplishments to look back at. First thing being this blog itself!!!Also, I now can safely dive in to a 12 feet pool and can pull my pants up incase required, while swimming back!!! I also learnt a lot of lessons on what kinda things to wear on a trek and what kinda places not to trek.

Apart from this, through my blog and other ways, i earned a lot of new friends this year and had a wonderful time with all of them. I take this opportunity to thank all of them for making it so much fun!!!

But no one is in a partying mood as the year ended on a rather heavy note, with the tsunami thing!!! But thats enough pain for all those boozers out there to take help of those whisky bottles. So if not champagne, it will be whisky. So, I think the liquor industry doesn't incurr much loss.

But whatever you do guys, dont party by a sea side, and HAVE A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005!!!