Monday, November 08, 2004

Happy Deepavali....!!!

Yes, with all your good wishes and by grace of god, the delivery went well. Yippeee! I can enjoy my Deepavali peacefully now. And whats more, you will see me blogging more frequently. Also, It's been a long time and i have so many things to maunder about.

On the EPL front Arsenal's victory run was stopped in the 50th match by a 12 member Man U team, the extra one being the referee. It was a sheer attrocity. Apparently, the team was so shaken that they had to satisfy themselves with a draw even against Crystal Palace. Hoping to see them in full flow soon.

Speaking of football, i met one of my college friends last weekend. He was our college teams best forward. Also a person of great attitude. Always cheerful and enjoying life. When i met him last week, i was surprised to see him dull and depressed. Later, i found that the megrims are the effects of love. Apparently, he is finding it hard to convince his love that he is worthy of her love though he is only 5'5"!!!

Yes my dear readers, strange is the world and stranger are the people living in it! It seems, the female he is in love with is not willing to love anyone shorter than 5'8". And the funniest part of it is that she is only 5'1"!!! I couldn't see any logic in this and had a hard time consoling my friend.

I understand gals go for height. I have friends who drool over Abhishek Bachan, just because he is tall though he dances like a wooden puppet. But i couldn't imagine them being so irrational in matters of importance in life.

Infact, i see so many "practical" problems if there is a big difference in the heights for a couple. This can be very frustrating at times. Obviously, the guy cant keep carrying a stool evrywhere... :)

Finally, i managed to cheer him up by telling him a joke about a couple with a big height difference. And he finally laughed saying "dude! why don't you try as you meet her specs".....I was scared at that very thought.

Thats about it people, and i wish you all a very Happy and Safe Deepavali!!! Enjoy the festival and have a blast!!!