Thursday, September 16, 2004

Thanking BCDPS.....!!!

It was sure not my mistake. I was riding my bike with perfect traffic sense. And with a mind full of noble thoughts. Infact i was looking around for a girl who missed her office bus and getting late for her early morning meeting, so that i can help her by giving a ride on my bike.

Then came this guy on a bike zooming past me with his sister on the pillion (whenever i see a guy with a pretty girl on his back, i think that she is his sister. Just not to spoil my sanctity by getting jealous). God!!! Pretty she was. I raised the accelerator to catch up with him. Soon i was traveling parallel to him with my head turned 90 degrees to the left.

I tried hard to focus on the road, vehicles and other trivial things. It was hard. I wanted to tell him to give his helmet to her. Atleast then i thought i will be able to concentrate on my ride. So i started getting close to his vehicle(No other intentions like having a close look at the girl).

It all happened then. The Bangalore City Department of Potholes and Slush (BCDPS) raged havoc. Apparently they have deployed some of their workforce there. With all my attention focused on a pretty attraction, i had very little consciousness of the road. And the front tyre of my bike landed in a pothole filled to brim with rainwater.

The girl on the bike, observing me for quite sometime by now, giggled out loud. Alas! but that didnt last long. As i told already, i was pretty close to them and the splash of the rain water found a pretty place to land !!! It was all over her face and the dress. This brought me back to my senses. My instincts of survival took control and i finally looked at that guy.

He looked like a villain in a Chiranjeevi movie who sports a t-shirt of horizontal stripes and a red ribbon around the head. I realised the need to escape. I zoomed up furiously. But that guy also started chasing me with a vengeance. As my bike is a cruiser which is not a very good one for this kind of activities, there was nothing much i could do except for praying god. He was about to catch me.

Then came the rescue in the form of BCDPS again. It was my chaser's turn now. And this time it was even a deeper pothole with lots of slush. And his bike stopped. Gracious God!!! I just looked at her for one more time and zoomed away!!!

I thanked god and reached office safe. By the time i reached my cube, the telephone was ringing furiously. For a moment i shruddered with the thought of that guy finding out my number from the office sticker on my bike. I lifted it anxiouly...

"Good Morning Sir! This is from ICICI Bank. An exculsive offer for employees of your organisation only. We are offering free credit cards....."

For once, i was glad to receive this call!!!

Monday, September 13, 2004

"Gurussakshaath Parabrahma"

This article in rediff left me spell bound. And my love for Sanskrit continues to grow. If you are a chennaiite, then you have an opportunity that not many of us have. Ofcourse, only if you love sanskrit.

I take this opportunity to convey my salutations to Sri Rajagopalacharya and all those great gurus who kept this spring of knowledge flowing through generations, in the most sacred way possible!!!