Wednesday, December 22, 2004

She Is Always Right!!!!

Please read this story by Mark Twain before you proceed to read this post, atleast first few paras!!!

I am not sure whether this is pure imagination and talent of Mark Twain. I have a doubt he actually experienced it. For,i just realised that there is a very high chance of landing up in to such conversations when talking to women, not essentially married ones.

This is what happened when i was seriously immersed in a very very important assignment that has to be presented before EOD ASAP as i could see it from the gravity of the mail my boss has sent.

A little tiny message box popped from msn messenger, "hey, r u able to access"

I opened my ie and typed the URL and the site was pretty much accessible.

I replied "yup. must be some prob with ur server"

Then it struck to me that i can look up the word for her so i imed "gimme the word, i ll look it up for u"

"No, i am not looking for any word"

I was kinda shocked. Why else any one needs on that site? afterall, there is nothing one can do on other than looking up for words.

so i asked "then y u asked me to check it?"

"Aise hi. JLT. y do u think too much about everything?"

i didn't understand when i thought too much. "thinking too much!!! that was kinda commonsense...."

"see, u r too egoistic and not open to correction. pls. dont mid, a friendly advise"

At this moment i didnt know what to say. All this Bhashan to me for just asking her if i can help!!!

some how i mustered my courage and responded "thanx a ton for ur friendly advise. But this petty brain of mine couldnt understand what u were refering to. pls.elaborate"

"y dint u accept wn i said u think too much?"

"coz i dint understand when did i do it"

"see, u start defending with out listening"

At this moment i realised that there is no use in me trying to discuss any more. I gladly accepted that i think too much and i am egoistic. And thanked her for her friendly advise.

I was reminded of the above story i read long time back. At that time i felt it was little exaggerated. But not any more.

seriously, i never understand them. Take for example shopping. Suppose a guy need to buy a pair of shoes. He will straight go to a Reebok/nike showroom, picks up the model he wants and swipes the card. All in max 10 mins.

Now, think of a girl. Suppose she needs a pair of sandals. errr....they never need only one, they generally shop minimum of 5,6 pairs at a time to match with the latest collection in their wardrobe. Actually, they are never in need of them, as they will be already having a minimum of 25 pairs at home.

It all starts when they see some girl sporting her new sandals. Immediate reaction will be "hey! nice ones. where did you pick them?". Then she will proudly explain how she found them at a shop in one of those corners of commercial street and how she bargained with the poor vendor to get them for 150 bucks(I always pity those salesmen who sell things to women!!!).

Thats it. Next weekend she is on her shopping spree to commercial street. Finds the corner shop (this is the time their skills of direction are on peak). But here is the surprise, she will not buy the model you thought she came there for. She always picks some other model than what she saw other girl wearing and she always thinks her choice is better!!!

Please, all you women readers, this is no intention of finding faults with you. This is only to express my inability to comprehend the behavioural innovations you gals treat me to.

Help people! Any University offering courses in women psychology? Preferably, having more practicals than theory classes... :)