Thursday, August 05, 2004

Why Me Blog....????

It happened again...i was as usual utterly confused. I was in that Shakespearean blog or not to blog...

whats the heck all this about. what am i going to get...?
royalty? a raise in my salary? invites for blind dates?
a blog doesnt seem to help me on any of the above...

forget any benefit....who will notice this little place of mine in this galaxy of blogs....?
for all the time i will be spending in front of my laptop posting some insane ramblings here, i will be as good as the author of "terms and agreements" document you see on an online registration form before clicking "I agree" one cares to read you see...and worse, i wont be paid for even.

If no one reads them, what point in this verbal masturbation....???

but hey, the doctors say its a healthy practice...and some thing inside me prompts me to continue...Writing after all, has been the only love of mine that could withstand my rather overly passionate emotional ejaculations for such a long time.

And its only the second day in the life of my blog...let me keep it alive for some more time...and see if i can make it one of the brighter stars in this galaxy!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hello World!!!

My First blog....My First Post....What else you can expect from a software engineer..... it is...
a big Hello World!!!