Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Lord Sri Krishna For You....

My cousin sent me this link today...

This is by some of the people in IIT Madras who have put in lot of effort to promote sanskrit. I got really inspired.

And they have put up all the slokas of Bhagavadgitha with their meanings in English. I chanced upon the following....

"Name Paarthasthi Karthavyam Thrishu Lokeshu Kimchana

Naanavaapthamavaapthavyam Varthe Yeva Cha Karmani"
There is nothing in all the three worlds that i need to do, nor is there anything worth attaining yet to be attained by me, Yet I engage in work - Lord Sri Krishna.

This one is for all the lazy people like me...Really explains the essence of work!!!
Finally i have some motivation to sit and code!!!

"Tharnaka Special...."

It was my fault. I shouldn't have started from office when the rain has just stopped. That too when i have to cross the silk board junction and reach home. Silk Board junction in Bangalore has now become more famous and crowded than Times Square in Newyork. I knew it was going to be like that. But Alas! My hunger got better of my intellect.... And i got caught in the traffic jam.

My enticer was sandwitched between a monstrous truck and a college bus. A.P.S. college of engineering, it read. I raised my head and looked in...hoping to catch glimpse of some college chicks. Uff!!! no use...competes with the Atacama desert in dryness!!! Pitied those guys sitting in the bus.

This reminded me of my college bus in Hyderabad. It was a complete opposite situation. This college bus of mine started in my 2nd year BE. Bus number 6M/120 was converted in to Moulali HB colony - Ibrahimbagh college special. People started calling it "Tharnaka Special".

This bus route had all the beautiful girls, specially the first years. Me staying near the starting point of the bus, had the best chance of grabbing a place in the front rows...close to the girls... :)
And with ragging strictly banned in college campus, the college bus was a god's gift!!! What else could give daily 2 hrs of un-controlled fun...!!! With the junior cuties doing what ever you want them to do...

All the guys in college wanted to travel in this bus only. We, "tharnaka special" guys have become the envy of guys in other routes. They all have started searching for rooms in this route. Rents for student accommodations zoomed up in this route...!!!

We enjoyed this journey for the next two years also. Thats something quiet unforgettable. I made so many friends, read so many books and more than that had so much fun. All, Thanx to the "tharnaka special".

Sorry for digressing. Bored you people with this nostalgia of mine. But nothing sweeter than college again!!! Let me stop here and not go in to that nostalgic mood again....!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2004


After an action packed weekend last week, this time it was quite a lazy one. Most of it was spent before the Idiot box. Of late, my weekends have become so hectic with things like swimming, badminton etc...that i watched very little of television. But this weekend gave me some updates on whats happening on the small screen!!!

For example, i came to know that Telugu television is following it's film industry and importing female anchors from other states. I was watching one of those "top 10..." programs, and was trying to figure out whats this "Shit...Rum" the Anchor was refering to!!! Though not an expert on alcohol, i am sure i never heard about this variey of Rum. Also it appeared too much against logic that any one would name a product as shit. After much analysis and thought process we deduced that what she meant was "Chithram", that means movie in telugu. God save my mothertongue!!!

English premier league started again and Arsenal began with a bang 4-1 win over Everton. But Man U disappointed with a 0-1 lose to chelsea. I am waiting for too long and its time the red devils rejuvenate themselves!!!

Apart from this, i also learnt why gals always get a drop from guys where ever they go. I always thought, it was only for the pleasure of riding bike with a pretty thing on the back. But now i know how difficult it is to explain directions to a girl!!! It will take much less time , effort and even money to take them than explaining them how to go!!!

Thats about weekend activities people, and its time i consider sleeping now. As it is, a Monday morning is already waiting for me... :(

As of now, lemme say good night to Mohd.Rafi and try catch some sleep......!!!