Friday, August 13, 2004

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.......!!!

Not bad...atleast, not as bad as i expected it to be!!! The hit counter on my blog has been quite encouraging. The statistics are pretty impressive....Have to admit that substantial number of them are self hits...but still, with in a week of starting it, i could force all my acquantances to give the place a shot. This makes me more excited about continuing this blog...the kind of feeling a software engineer trainee gets after delivering first bug fix and an appreciation mail from manager....!!!

Though i wont expect this hobby of mine to turn in to a big maintenance project, some thing inside me warns me against being over enhusiastic!!! Any way, let me enjoy it for the moment....!!!

Now there is an option for you to subscribe to my blog by giving your email id. Dont worry people, Me a no spammer and wont send you mails with offers to deliver valium and viagra overnight. You will only receive alerts when there is a new post, so that you can be one of the lucky first few to read my post!!!
There were also some comments, recommendations, suggestions and compliments (sachee mein...)!!! Yes People, i am incorporating all of them in future posts!!! So keep shooting me....!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Of sleep, and waking up early.......!!!!

Here i 1 in the morning, laying on my bed listening to a CD of classic oldies that my roomie just got. Not able to catch up some sleep and worrying about the early morning meeting i got tomorrow.

Not able to wake up early has been my incessant problem right from school days. What with this myth that early morning studies are more effective and concentration levels will be high. This has raked a havoc in my student life. Not that i really studied hard at any time...but things got worse after joining my junior college.

I joined a college in Vizag, where my uncle was a lecturer. He is an ardent believer in this waking up early theory and generally use to finish his breakfast by 4.30AM.
Massive efforts were launched to wake me up early and make me study. Two alarm clocks, those steel ones that produce high decibel rings were procured. And when i go to bed, these two monsters were made to sit on both sides of the pillow, with in touching distance of my ears. The alarms were adjusted in such a way that, once one alarm completes the ring, the other will start!!!

They scared me so much that i couldnt get any sleep at all. I use to stare at them till late in the night imagining them in the forms of various demons that i had read about in hindu mythology. Some times i use to dream of lord krishna coming back to earth and saving the mankind by destroying all the alarm clocks in the world.

One thing i forgot to mention was about my sleeping habits. God's grace bestowed on me such superhuman powers of sleeping. The effort required to wake me up was humungous. When ever i slept alone in the house, i had to sleep very near to a window with a long stick on the other side. If i have to wake up and open the door, it was only possible if some one pokes with that stick at me for a considerable amount of time.

With such sleeping skills, the alarm clocks were of no use. They use to ring for such a long time in the morning that they woke up everbody in our house and all neighbouring houses. But good god! I wont even move a bit. With increasing complaints from neighbours, my uncle stopped using these alarms. But Alas! that was no relief for me. He started using a mug full of water to wake me up in the morning!!!

I had to find new ways of escaping this trauma. With those splashes of water, i use to wake up only to find my self in a miserable state. After few days, i was struck with an idea. Complaining that it was very cold in the mornings, I started sitting in the kitchen saying its warm there. It was very cozy and with no one observing, i could happily snooze off with the book under my head.

It went well for few days untill one day when the boiling water on the stove has overflown and took my back as path to the ground. There were big boils on my back and i could easily bunk my college for 3 weeks.

People, thus ended those efforts to wake me up early. No one ever ventured again, atleast for academic purposes!!!

Enough of blogging for that i finished listening to the CD and with even radio city playing songs that are best unheard, lemme switch the light off and get under covers.......!!!

Monday, August 09, 2004

When Nature Calls.......!!!

The serene scenic beauty of Muthathi....!!!

Riding the Bus......!!!

On the way to Muthathi....The unforgettable trek that was!!! You can only see my shoes....On the top of the Bus!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

What a Weekend.......!!!

It can't get better...what a weekend it was! A perfect one. Packed with action, loads of fun and some unforgettable moments.A party, An outing on a river side, A journey on bus top, A trek that was terrifyingly adventurous, Yummy garlic bread & Pizza at jayanagar pizzahut, Three hours of badminton & swimming and a ManU-Arsenal match to end with.

No, i am not going to bore you people with details of all these things. But here are some of the things i learnt....

-If you are traveling on a bus top and the bus is stopped for a tea break, look around for monkeys before you get any eatables on the bus top. And once the monkeys have seen the food, never try to hide it unless you have special powers of surviving monkey bites.

-Before getting in to a river, check for red ants and other similar creatures that may get very intimate with you and gain access to certain parts of your body which even you can not see, smell or touch....

-Before climbing up a hill, make sure you know how to climb down!!! Mind you, mobile phones wont work on hill tops...and SOS calls are not of any use.

-This one is for girls. If you dont want to do some thing and every one around you is forcing you to do that, put up a tensed look and say aloud "I will cry!". This works. And I am the witness.

-And Guys, never go trekking wearing your low-raise jeans! High chances for some of the most sensitive body parts getting squeazed!!!

-Do not enter immediately in to a room just vacated by a bunch of girls after their make-up. Human noses are not meant to withstand the smell produced by a combination of various face creams, moisturisers, hair creams and nail polishes!!!

-Before making a dive in to the swimming pool, make sure your trunks are tight. Its not very easy pulling your trunks up while swimming in the 12 ft area!!!

And My God! whats this...a thorn in my finger. Remnant of the lot i picked on my Trek. Let me go and find a needle.......!!!