Wednesday, November 24, 2004

In a moment of highly spiritual abandon... :)

Yoooo Hoooo!!!! I had a looong vacation and just coming to terms again with daily work routine. It's been long time i blogged and i am struck with genuine fear of losing my readers. But its not that i can post as and when i want to post. I just dont like "what i have been doing today" kind of posts.

But my mind is so lazy at this point of time that i dont feel like posting at all. so here
i am going to post a small story that i have read recently.

Its been long time i read any thing in my mothertongue. So, when i saw a telugu magazine in my cousin's place, i just glanced through it just for the sake of seeing all the telugu letters and revising them. I found the following story in one of the columns by a columnist called Omkar and got really inspired by it. I translate it for you here...

Long long ago, when god initially created this world and the earth and humans with it, he decided to stay with them on earth. So along with all the other devathas like indra etc. he started living on the earth amidst humans.

As god is on the earth and instantly accessible, people used to go to him for every trifle and started disturbing him for all their needs. Being the person who is responsible for all the activities in this world, this was very disturbing for him. He couldnt concentrate on his activities and humans have become a big nuisance for him. He desperately needed some peace.

He called all the devathas and asked for a solution.

Some of them told him to go to mount everest and stay there. But he told them, man can and will come there in very near future and its not a safe place.

Then Indra advised him to go to moon and live there. But god knew man will land there eventually and told them that there is no place in this world that humans can not come to as he has bestowed them with so much power.

All devathas blamed god for making humans so powerful and dispersed.

Finally, an idea struck him and he disappeared to that place. From then, only one or two persons in a century could actually find him and reach him and he was relieved of all the disturbance.

So where has he gone?

He has actually started staying inside humans!!!

Yes people, this may sound just as a funny story but the message underneath it really inspired me.

The omnipotent is omnipresent and the almighty is in every individual, if only one can realise it!!!!!!